Melt Ice Cream Sandwiches


Opened as New York’s first ice cream sandwich store in the Lower East Side in 2012, Melt started out as a scrappy ice cream cart at seasonal street fairs, but made its name on NYC’s beloved High Line.

When we approached the design of the logo, the goal was to avoid the obvious drippy connotations of the name, while still utilizing the visual equity of the word. Melt makes their own cookies and ice cream from scratch daily, and the name speaks to the melding of well-paired flavors rather than the occasional messy (albeit very tasty) hands.

The owners developed playful names for the flavors (our favorite, the “Elvis”, is a combination of peanut butter cookies and banana ice cream). We created a system to highlight this unique approach with flavor “stamps” that could be used as inexpensive magnets on signage, carts and in-store.

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