Layer Style Window Remix (+PSD)

Got a little frustrated with some other designs I was working on, and decided to celebrate Festivus a little early with some Airing of Grievances with Photoshop via a UI Exercise. I've had this one on the brain for a while, but just wanted to address some things I think could be made better with the Layer Style window in Photoshop.

Here's the changes I made:
• Manually re-organize layer styles. This alone prompted the redesign.
• Ability to turn all layer effects on/off in preview (replaces preview check box essentially).
• Added a Restart button to revert to all default styles.
• Opacity, Fill and Layer Blend Mode globally available (+ through key commands)
• Collapse window into 'mini mode' (for small screen/mobile design sanity)
• Some transparency to see through the panel (why not).
• Added 'Copy Layer Style' CTA.
• Apple + C, Apple + V w/ window open will copy layer style as it stands, paste style.
• Brought the Saved styles out more into a global gallery. Never explored what 'New Style' did before… (this might help)
• Easily Organize saved Layer styles by project/type. ('drag + drop' or option in "New Style" flow)
• Clearer view of active styles at a glance.
• Arrows cycle current effect blend modes.


What would you change?
I attached the PSD as well– so go nuts and rebbbound if you'd like. Add more, take away more– I'd be curious to see what other people thought. The PSD is 50% of the original to get it under the 10MB cap for attachments. For original size, adjust image size to 1600x1200 (all shapes, so it should hold up– and not sure about layer styles translating... held up proportionately in CS6)

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