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New identity, with a new name.

Now we're focusing in a more connected and passionate identity. We want to engage citizens of SP to be more participative and united when it comes to political, civic and structural decisions. For that, we need to build bridges between the city centre and the periphery, so everyone can participate together and have their voice in the movement.

The heart is becoming a very strong icon of citizen love for SP and it's used in a lot of places, in a lot of ways. So we tried to create a new icon: the connected heart, where the citizens and their love for the city are all connected, seeking this new reality.

This is what our tagline means: Building bridges. Tearing down walls.

As for colors (see the attached image), we've used a vibrant set, to contrast with the so called "gray city" and show that SP is colorful: so many cultures, languages, technologies, business, types of people.

As a support system, we are using the map of SP all connected.

What do you think?

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