Steam UI Redesign

Steam ui


In the last few weeks I became a big fan of Steam. It's an awesome platform for games. The only thing I don't like about it is the UI. Because of that I made a redesign.

Metro UI
I really like Microsoft's new style and I'm a big fan of the Metro UI. Because of that I decided to redesign Steam in the Metro UI.

The badges you can see in the corner of the games indicate several things like "New Game", "Liked" or "Downloading".

I think the possibility to create collections would be great. For example I could group all my shooters, all my RPG's and so on together.

The bar which shows the name of a game, f.e Borderlands 2, uses the same algorithm as the new iTunes. It syncs the color with the colors in the cover. The bar itself pops up when you touch the game with the cursor. The game also lights up then.

More games, less options
Because I want to put the focus on the games I created this little bar on the left. If you touch it with your cursor it pops out and shows several options like "Store", "Library", "Settings" and so on.

I hope you like it! I know there's still a lot to improve so feel free to give me some feedback!

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