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Sega Game Gear

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Sega Game Gear video games retro openemu emulation controller sega game gear

It's been a while since I've produced a controller illustration. I am trying to wrap up remaining artwork for the OpenEmu application so we can finally release this thing to the public! (no, no release date... only crazy people set a release date in open source software!).

I am mostly happy with this, I will probably tweak this like everything else right up until release as my OCD will never let me see anything as complete.

I think it is in a good enough state to upload to Dribbble and see if you guy think this looks like you remember?

(also, thanks to @buckwilson who's Game Gear graphic was a good help in producing mine - was great for color tweaks and reference)

UPDATE: Wondering with this quick test - I might tone down some of the blacks but… wondering if it needs more contrast?

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