Newly redesigned

Newly redesigned

After a few months of work, my new website is live:

While my original site was a good start, my content and goals changed significantly over the past year. My code was bloated, and the old site's responsiveness wasn't up to par. Going back to the drawing board, this redesign starts completely fresh, with an even more minimalistic and lightweight approach to focusing on the work.

Primary goals were to improve load time (which we did drastically), and also to make the site fluid responsive and HiDPI friendly. I designed and coded my first site, but for this one, I knew it was time to go to the experts with the code. Enter my highly skilled partner, Brian Purkiss. Employing his help, we were together able to craft a very robust site that will be more future friendly. I'm quite pleased with the results!

I'm also excited to utilize @Jean François Porchez's expertly crafted Le Monde Courrier typeface site-wide. Though I purchased a license myself, I was quite relieved to see that a web font was available through Typekit. I was overjoyed at the appropriateness of Le Monde Courrier in matching my brand style.

In addition to the launch of the site redesign, I also released two brand new tshirts in the Store. I'll be dribbling a few shots with those shortly, but you might poke around and find them in the mean time.

There's a couple of kinks still being worked out, but it was a launch now or never point. =)

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