Rorey - WIP


Happy Monday!?

Not to long ago I watched "indie game: the movie". Love it! Then @Shaun Inman started a kickstarter project : "retro game crunch" Backed it! Then I realized I would very much like to make a video game.. Or at least attempt. So I did some research and found out that I have perhaps 1 of the many required skill sets to achieve this. Currently playing around with Construct2 since it's pretty easy and requires minimal programming. Also looking at Flixel and unity3D. I play games and was surprisingly unaware of the amount of thought, planning, coding, and overall work that goes into something that seems so simple. It's not, it's quite challenging.

Here is a little guy I came up with. His name is Rorey. (loosely based off my friends cat 'Rorey' who's main objective in life is to eat all the grease out of the Foreman Grill)

Still a work in progress, and I have a LOT of reading to do on programming.

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