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Fellow Dribblers,
Swish is a new Dribbble client for the iPhone. To help promote the app, here is a little contest for all of you. The contest is for you to be as creative as you can in creating something that is basketball related and contains the word "Swish".

There is only one rule for this contest:
Your shot MUST be a rebound of this one.

Here is how the winners will be selected:
1. The top 10 shots that have the most likes will be the winners.
2. 5 honourable mentions will be selected by the Swish team. Likes and comments don't matter here. They will pick their 5 favourite shots aside from the top 10.

The winners of this contest will receive a promo code to download Swish for free. Make sure you have a twitter account in your profile and that you follow Swish on Twitter to be able to receive your promo code by DM.

The contest closes on Thursday, December 16, at 12 AM EST.

Good luck to everyone!

4 Rebounds

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