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Photography is an essential component of the visual identity for this project. We worked with our amazing content team in bringing to life the Zabka color palette, through this still life photographies. These photos helped us to guarantee visual consistency throughout the app and we used them as guidelines for the client. Shoutout to Troy and James for the awesome shots.


Last year, Ueno got a call from Zabka, Poland’s largest chain of convenience stores.

Just over a year later, the app we created together is being used by five percent of the country’s population.

In only eight months, Polish retail giant Zabka’s completely revamped mobile app has gained close to two million active users.

A small team of designers and developers from Ueno’s offices in Reykjavík and New York worked with Zabka for six months to completely reimagine the app, which was released in February of this year.


With close to 6,000 locations, Zabka is Poland's largest chain of convenience stores.

The concept and design of the app were intended to both boost and align with Zabka’s overall strategy of forging closer ties with the communities in which it operates.

Among several innovations: a social-type feed with contextual content based on factors such as time of day, geolocation, as well as personalized offers and product information. The app also makes it easier to use store services and features an innovative way for users to collect points and take part in challenges at Zabka's stores.


After an initial strategic phase at Zabka's headquarters, the work moved to Reykjavík and New York, but with very regular and close contact with Zabka’s team in Poland.

The design is the result of a close relationship between Ueno and the departments and stakeholders at Zabka. We spent several days working with the team, understanding the needs of the market and shaping tighter the experience of the product.

In addition to conceiving and design the app, Ueno consulted on content, including guidelines for product photography and messaging strategy. Ueno’s developers also worked with Zabka’s team to integrate the app's functions with the company’s IT infrastructure.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this project: Arnar, Oli, Halli, Birkir, Jeremy, Christina, Calvin

You can download and check out the Żappka app on the app store

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