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This is a quick snapshot of the communication page on my new website. Make sure to check out the @2x version.

A quick story about the teal color I use on my website:
I've been using this teal since I've known myself. Well not really, since college I think. I was too into meanings of colors, and so I took numerous color theory classes. Ok I might have taken every single color related class in my school. And when I was reading historical stories about certain colors, I bumped into this turquoise color. Back in time, they used to find this stone in today's Turkey, which is where I was born originally. This stone had this blue-to-green color and was considered a gem. In 16th century, French called this valuable gem "turquoise", which in old French means "Turkish". So I think when I read this article, I wanted to relate myself to it. But additionally I actually quite liked the color. So this is the story behind the teal on my personal branding. Who knew...

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