Capsule Logo Lowercase Version

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A capsule means a 'collection', usually 6 or 12 items, usually applied to fashion. So in this sense, the brackets imply a collection contained within.

Convinced there is a way to make this work using lowercase. It's where I first started out with this and it has a more natural typographic feel to it and a less subtle 'in your face I am a capsule' shape mark.

I have gone through so many fonts over last few days it's silly, but found a few that seem to work quite well. The trick has been to find a narrower looking font that is not condensed. This is much more suited to the task of mimicking a C out of a square bracket '['. In that it could be a C and also works as a ] which is essential for the ] at the end.

The challenge has been getting the right proportions of the [. Too wide and it fails, too tall and it fails.
I feel this is pretty close in that it's looking like it can work. I have adjusted the brackets so that the verticals are slightly thicker than the horizontals, usual font design practice, so hope this makes it feel more part of the word mark.

I am hoping now that it leans more towards reading 'Capsule...' and not ' apsule...' as some of the others have.

The uppercase versions don't sit with me right because they look too easy and almost too much like a capsule shape. If I wanted to create a capsule shape wordmark, all caps it word be. But not in this case, so I WILL make it work with lower case. :)

This is all part of providing the client with some strong options to consider.

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