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TL;DR: Download the Sketch file here:

I'm enjoying using the Sketch 2.2. Congrats to @Emanuel Sá and the Bohemian Coding team on the release. There are a lot of great workflows and features that improve on what Adobe has done w/ Ps. My favorite is definitely multiple layer styles, which allows for greater flexibility and makes it a breeze to make adjustments.

This is my current wishlist for future updates:
- Blending modes for layer styles
- Toggle for text anti-aliasing [had to do a transparency + blur workaround here to get a crisp export]
- Gradient nodes associated w/ numerical values [for accuracy] and a window/box by the color fill picker with the nodes underneath for easier and faster access
- Ability to zoom smoothly with mouse scroll
- Angle gradients
- Increased handling accuracy with pixel shadows/inner-shadows

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