CIRCLE - Mobile Network Analysis

Circle - is the app for Apple Watch that helps tracking and controlling the condition of your mobile network and Internet connection from your smart watch.

The goal: to adapt the mobile app Circle for smart Apple Watch and in this way solve the problem of fast access to the carrier information and internet connection status.

We’ve analyzed the needs of the target audience and concluded that the app should be visually simple, not overwhelmed with excessive features and elements, but at the same time user-intuitive and functional, so that the user can implement the necessary action just in a few clicks.

For the UI we selected bright contracting colors so the user would not have issues with the understanding of the visual data in any interactions with the Apple Watch (such as bad light, indirect viewing angle - all of these are compensated by vivid contrast colors). Also, the smooth and natural animation was developed. It simplifies the understanding and interactions of the elements, eliminates the borders between the user, the device and the app interface.

By creating the design concept of the mobile app CIRCLE for Apple Watch we solved the problem that was set initially: fast access to the necessary information. Now you can monitor your balance, manage the expenses, add services, keep track of the restrictions set by your tariff, see the statistics of internet and mobile network usage and the last but not the least - get all the important information right on your Apple Watch. With our app the information is even closer than ever.


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Posted on Nov 27, 2019
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