Event Page Layout

Event detail

This is a new, more structured layout for the page template we use to display events on the Everguide website.

There's over 33 bits of info on the page, each integral to the event, and important information for users looking to buy tickets etc.

Wanted as much white space up top around the heading as possible, and the non-standard image size accepts ANY sized user uploaded image and presents it in a nice, frame, without trashing the layout of the page.

This page can be viewed at http://staging.everguide.com.au/melbourne/event/2012-dec-13/catcall/

A) Very hard to get a whole web page into a dribbble shot!, and
B) This is another push to define the best way of representing an event as a content type - amplifying the differences an event has compared to an article, gallery or a blog post.

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