Data Security Protection | Iconography part 02

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You’ve already seen the Icons set part 01 — today let’s focus on icon part 02 which I have completed recently. This set is a line-based icon set with subtle grey details and a pop of color as the focus area.

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What is Data Security Protection? 🤔
🗄️To develop capabilities, capacities and norms, in collaboration with all the stakeholders including the government, required to advance towards a safer, more secure and trusted cyberspace for enhancing trade and commerce by increasing global data flows and promoting innovation; strengthening national security, protecting individuals’ rights in cyberspace and addressing such global issues while safeguarding national and industry interests.

👉🏼Data Security Protection to be the premier industry body for making cyberspace safe, secure and trusted.

How did we help?
We created a new information architecture with UX improvements, mood boards, UI design
for mobile and desktop Admin dashboards, Super User dashboards, User Dashboard and more.

There’s more to come, so make sure you follow samsu here on dribbble. Let us know what you think & have a good day! 🥂

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