CURE Personal Fundraising

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Now that we finally have CUREkids beta launched, we're starting to look ahead to developing a personal fundraising app so our audience can get involved by setting up online fundraisers.

I volunteered to be a guinea pig, so here's one of our first personal fundraising pages. It's basic right now - just a donation form with a goal tracker and a place for my photo. But it's a start.

Eventually we'll add many more features when this thing comes out for everyone to use, such as the ability to fundraise toward a particular child in the CUREkids system, comments from donors (a la style), participants like we have on our CUREkids child profile pages, etc.

What other features would you suggest adding to make a killer personal fundraising app?

Also, if you'd like to support CURE via my fundraiser, I'd be honored to have your support!

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