Dear Dribbble


Dear @Dribbble,

As Retina/HiDPI screens are becoming more and more widespread, you've responded with an @2x feature fairly recently, giving users the possibility to submit shots with the double (actually quadruple) resolution. Although that's definitely a step in the right direction, the feature isn't all sunshine. On a closer look, it actually causes a fundamental problem: the problem of choice. Upload @1x, and you'll disregard the HD folk; upload @2x and you'll leave out the SD people.

"Leave out the SD people? @2x shots are automatically scaled down to meet lower resolutions!", one might argue. Well, interface design isn't just math. A downscaled image will simply never reach the quality of something explicitly created for a certain resolution. Using 1px bevels in your HD shot? Too bad, there's no such thing as 0.5px effects at the downscaled @1x size.

"Fair enough, but SD users can still hit the @2x button to view the non-scaled image!" might be a follow-up remark. True, but isn't showcasing your work meant for people to not only view, but actually feel/experience your work? Remember that when clicking @2x on a low-res screen, you end up viewing something over-dimensional, created for someone else's screen, not yours. And that won't work if you want people to have that first-hand experience with your design.

In the end, SD users are clearly put at a disadvantage for shots using the new @2x feature, as they don't get the same precision and crispness as before. However, Apple demonstrated a simple, yet effective solution to this problem when introducing Retina screens over two years ago. If their Retina support were a single image solution and all SD users (still the clear majority at that point) had to suddenly start using lower-quality, downscaled images in favor of the new HD people, that would be pretty counterproductive. But that's exactly what's happening here on Dribbble.

Therefore, @Rich Thornett, @Dan Cederholm and @Samuel Fine, I'd like to make a proposition. Please give us the possibility to add separate @1x and @2x images to a shot. This does not have to change the current user experience in any way: Upload solely @1x, and it stays @1x for everyone. Upload solely @2x, and @1x users get a downscaled image. But upload @1x and @2x, and the right image is chosen and displayed depending on the user's individual resolution.

Dribbble is an incredible platform, a place where extreme precision and immense attention to detail are valued like nowhere else on the internet. Implementing this suggestion will give us users a further opportunity to meet and live up to those standards.

Thank you.

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