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Another screen of my upcoming app "Reduce".

I mostly made it for myself, as I missed an iOS app that can resize images not only to a given pixel size, but also to a given file size limit ( and auto-determinates the needed jpeg compression).

This is often needed to upload to web-services/communities that restrict the max. file size.
And when I'm traveling my iPad is my only "computer" around to do that.

Edit: Oh, and you can remove the exif data, which might be useful for iPhone photos to hide the gps data.

I also added an option to re-sharpen the image after the resize, and the possibility to add a watermark/description text or a simple border.

So this is kind of a "Web Optimizer" app, that does the stuff I usually do in the Adobe Lightroom Export dialog.

I also attached full screenshot for iPhone Retina and iPad.

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