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Export Machine

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EDIT : Now known as Interfaced.

This is a package made for you, fellow iOS designers. How many times have you designed an awesome app and said : "time to export that to the devs, it's gonna feel like a pain in the ass".

Well, not anymore ! The package contains a Photoshop action which simply exports any of your retina sliced spritesheet to the desktop in a folder named "slices".

But the magic takes place when you launch the app : it automatically turns your exported "slices" folder into two : one for regular displays, and one for retina, with the "@2x" extensions in the proper place.

It even asks you how you want to name the folders, and stays "ios_gui" by default.

Hope it helps some of you who like this spritesheet method, keeping the psd files clean.

I've been using for quite a while now, and it saved me a lot of time in projects for in two clicks, you get your full ui ready.

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