Not For Boys, Not For Girls, Only For Fools

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Work in progress pic from the wall Humana and I painted in Lisbon, Portugal to celebrate the release of "Fool" from the artist Jaak.

You can check the final wall here: http://effe.news/work.php?workId=9 / https://www.instagram.com/p/B4KFVt3gRnt/ and http://gau.cm-lisboa.pt/noticias/detalhe/news/detail/News/not-for-boys-not-for-girls.html

You can support the artist here:

Effe: instagram.com/effe.news/
Humana: dribbble.com/studiohumana
Jaak: instagram.com/musicbyjaak/

Shoot by: instagram.com/catarinaarosa/

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