Hexy App

Hexy App

Hexy was an app that I designed for Sean Heber in 2008. It's simply a game of Hex that we jazzed up with robotic bees. Instead of going with an natural bee route with honey in hexagons, we made robotic bees that had toxic honey. I have no idea why.

The goal of the game is to create an uninterrupted line from one end of the board to the other. Bees (that @David Lanham drew actually!) would fly from left to right occasionally. I have no idea why.

In addition to sounds if you won, lost, or placed a piece, I created a song to play in the background. I have no idea why. I honestly don't even know if it made it into the product, but I'm afraid it's not even available in the store anymore, unfortunately.

In any case, here's the song. It's probably mostly GarageBand loops, but I had fun making it. http://lmnt.me/u/hexy.mp3


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