NoteNow contest!

Shot 1291232920

It's contest time! :D
To win all you have to do is rebound this shot with a background or note design of your own that you would like to be in the next version of NoteNow. If your rebound is one of the top three most liked by December 9, your note or background design will be included in the next version of NoteNow [with credit, of course], and you will also get a promocode.
If your design was number four or number five most liked, you also get a promocode!

In order to be eligible to win, your background design must be 320x480px and also have a retina display version [640x960px]. Or if you are going for the note design, you must use this Photoshop template so that the dimensions are right and the text fits well [again regular and @2x sizes].

Thanks a lot and good luck everyone! :)

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