Robot vs Dinosaur


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  1. Patswerk Patswerk

    We are currently busy designing over 150 game pieces and icons for a game soon released by a bunch of very cool and funny Canadian guys. We're also designing the logo. The logo is going to be used pretty big on the site, so we can add some nice little details.


    over 1 year ago

  2. harwen harwen


    over 1 year ago

  3. Andre Jurgensen Andre Jurgensen

    So badass! Any chance of this turning into a nice wallpaper...?

    over 1 year ago

  4. Pixelkaiju Pixelkaiju

    Looks very cool! Already spotted the project on your website. Cool to design stuff like that.

    over 1 year ago

  5. Frank Rodriguez Frank Rodriguez

    Badass! I love the style of your work.

    10 months ago

  6. Simon Oxley Simon Oxley

    I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said....

    6 months ago

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