skin health & reconstructive surgeon

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One of a few concepts for a skin health and reconstructive surgery group that specializes in skin cancer. This topic is definitely a a touchy subject, and a very challenging one at that for unique mark. Typically, any organization that has anything to do with cancer is paired with some sort of combination of hands, hearts and people. I'm trying to stay clear of that flooded direction while still integrating the human element.

This specific group of surgeons are board-certified in Mohs surgery—a chemosurgery to where the surgeon utilizes a microscope to remove skin cancer in a step by step process. During the process, the cancerous skin cells are divided up into four quadrants (see this graphic here:, mapping out the infected area for furthering examination.

Taking inspiration from friction ridges of the human skin, this mark splits into 4 quadrants—representing the slicing process within Mohs surgery. The negative space within the middle of the mark creates a starburst—representing success.

This mark is a little different then what I normally execute, but I'm quite happy with the meaning behind the concept as well as the visual execution. Anyone have any thoughts?

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