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Aerion Supersonic • Brand Book

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Aerion Supersonic is building the most advanced supersonic private jet to hit the market. For them, building a faster jet is easy. But if all they do is build a fast jet for the elite of their world, while hurting the planet in the process, they've failed. Their mission is to develop a craft that is not only fast and luxurious, but one that embraces sustainability. Leveraging bio fuels, manufacturing processes that offset their carbon footprint, and embracing atmospheric noise reduction, Aerion is truly a company of the future.

Based in Palo Alto, and Reno, Aerion boasts some of the most talented aeronautical engineers, technologists, and designers in the industry. While working directly with Aerion's CEO and CMO, we systemically accelerated their brand presence by giving their brand and site a complete overhaul.

When they initially approached Idol for a single page teaser site, we quickly realized what was actually needed. In addition to a new visual identity and website, they needed a clearer message and a more cohesive brand strategy. Through close collaboration and constant communication with key stakeholders, we facilitated the entire package.

The design system ultimately came to fruition in the website, with its confident and sleek aesthetic. The website celebrates Aerion's mission and values, while elevating the unique combination of purpose, ingenuity, technology, and people that differentiates Aerion from their competitors. All the elements including, brand, typography, color palette, photography, video content, and the overarching editorial web structure map well to support the new brand strategy and messaging platform.


Our Role:
Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice
Brand Identity Refinement
Design Direction
Photography Sourcing + Retouching
Responsive Web Design
Development + Animation


Idol, Los Angeles
Deploy, Belgrade

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