Jetpack Horse

Working on a logo concept for Mochila Mail.


Mochila Mail is a lightweight email client that focuses on interaction and simplicity. Emails should be fun and easy to send, and not timeconsuming.


They gave me the following brief:

Mochila Mail has its inspiration from the Pony Express era in the nineteenth century. The Pony Express era involved riders making quick exchanges to new fresh horses in order to deliver mail as quickly as possible. They removed the Mochila bag filled with mails to a new horse and rode to their goal. We wanted a logo that illustrated a logo that is minimalistic and incorporates the pony express era mixed with present age.


This proposal is a fun wink to the Pony Express by making it the modern Pony Express on steroids. How cool would it be to strap a horse to a jetpack? :D

But it is also much more. The horse and the jetpack are an unlikely combination, just as 'fun' and 'reading email' are an unlikely combination. In order to compete with the big boys, Mochila should 'never stop moving', a seemingly 'impossible task'. It is also 'beautiful' and mysterious'.

This awesome horse will make the mundane task of email so much more fun.


What is your impression? Could it work? Or is it unsuitable? I would love to hear your thoughts.


I am not sure if this horse will make it, but I obviously had a TON of fun making it. I will seriously turn this in to a t-shirt if it goes unused.

Ps. You probably didn't notice the lack of a tail until I mentioned it? Trust me, it looks messy and weird when he has one. :)

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