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Hello Dribbblers,

First of all I wanted to thank you all for the amazing support and response you gave us with the original launch of StatNut.

We have collected all the good and bad feedback we have received and we are now ready to update the app and make it so much cooler than ever.

My original idea was to have a central hub for stats, an app that could easily be expandable and a location for all your services. If the service provides a nice API we'll try and support it, this is it.

The current version of StatNut already supports the tracking of followers and unfollowers in code (just the number, no names or IDs) but doesn't display anything because it was out of scope of the original UI, and therefore a bit of a waste. So we'd love to hear any feedback that will help us make StatNut even cooler.

I wanted to retain the flat look of the UI but I wanted to reorganise the way stats are displayed combined with the introduction of the graphs area. (Weekly line graph, yearly bars).

Don't forget to check the actual pixels on the attached shot!

Many thanks to Matthias for his inspiring rebound!

-- @fffabs & @shinyfrog --



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