Emergency Call List Concept v2

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  1. Joshua Tucker Joshua Tucker

    Fixed two flaws in my original design:

    1) The paging isn't the way to go in these circumstances. In the event of an emergency, the buttons should be big and the handling should be designed with more thought to ensure even non-iOS users can easily pick it up. Re-designed to incorporate buttons.

    2) Paging is difficult since the window extends almost to the edges of the screen. More often than not, you accidentally dial a number before even being able to page.


    Version 2 utilizes buttons. When shown the Emergency Call view, you can either dial, return, or hit the "+" button to flip the window around to show the contacts you have shown. Return to the dialer by hitting the dial button (changes after tapping). Emergency contacts can be set in Settings. Emergency Call notification from v1 still present.

    Full screen images on my Tumblr.

    over 1 year ago

  2. Newar Newar

    Glad you realized that pagination wasn't the way to go. Nice! For the reasons you mentioned as well, but generally pagination should never be something you experience on the lock screen.

    Although visually the GUI isn't quite right (ex; plus icon indicates something will be added, it would make more sense to be a human silhouette), the concept itself is spot on and makes more than enough sense. Something I suspect many would appreciate to have. :)

    over 1 year ago

  3. Joshua Tucker Joshua Tucker

    @Newar The pagination would have worked in this case if there was adequate space for it with the window. The reason being is because the transition from the passcode pad and the Emergency Call view is horizontal. It acts as a page, so it would be logical to page one more for the contacts.

    As for the choice of icon, I thought about adding the contact icon, except this seemed more logical as it's styled after the emergency logo (first aid cross).

    over 1 year ago

  4. Decided to rebound this great, simple concept by Joshua Tucker, with a slightly refined take on the GUI.

    Apart from updating the buttons/box to look identical to the the native GUI, I also changed the '+' icon to something more suitable.

    Although the cross made sense iconographically (ICE symbol), putting it in the context of a button, it sends the wrong message to the user that it is an action button, rather than a navigational one. The addition symbol can be found throughout the OS, used as an 'add' action. Thus the user would assume the same here, so I opted for something clearer.

    Apart from that, the concept is the exact same! Just a more native take on the GUI side of things. :)

    Full Pixels — http://cl.ly/LPcu

    Joshua Tucker Original — http://cl.ly/LP21

    over 1 year ago

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