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Hangloos - Making truly meaningful connections possible

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Designed with the aim of connecting together the black community of designers and developers in the same locale 😃. This one's for those folks living in diaspora (we all know the transition could be kinda tough), working remotely from home (yeap, it gets lonely sometimes), digital nomads exploring the world (remember that feeling of arriving a city and not knowing anyone like you there?) and just anyone who wants to meet someone they could relate with or experience something new. It's also designed to not only find people but events and coworking spaces around. That's exciting innit? 😎

Hangloos. The name is a coinage of the common "Hang Loose" remark that follows the 🤙 gesture in Brazil (Something I learnt from my Brazilian friend. Oh, did I mention he's also of African descent? 😊). The gesture is used to signify "hi", "goodbye" or celebrate an event as the case may be.

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