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Kulture Athletics App

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Hey everyone - wanted to give you one last look over the Kulture app. ✌️

What is Kulture Athletics?

Kulture Athletics have created an activewear that measures a lot of things during workouts that you haven’t seen yet in other products of its kind, such as muscle time under tension, or amount of times said muscle has contracted and expanded, and many more things - in six different body parts! The wearable also empowers you to measure the circumference of said body parts & see how you’ve progressed over time. Super convenient, right? ✌️

How did we help?

We designed an MVP of an app & provided Kulture with UX consulting along the way.

Here, you can spot some additional screens I'd mentioned above: muscle activation & time under tension data. There's an Activity screen as well that shows all workouts in graph form that the user's done during the week. Also Profile and Notifs. ✌️

There’s more to come, so make sure you follow Tonik here on dribbble. Let us know what you think & have a good day! 🎉

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