Natwest Wireframe

Natwest Wireframe

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I've had a little bit of free time recently, mostly due to a client I had signed 3 months of my life to struggling to secure their funds, and therefore quickly ending work 2 months before my contract is up. To make things worse, they owe me and other freelancers thousands of pounds. Legal proceedings start this weekend - fun! I've been a little inactive on Dribbble as I'm not allowed to post the work I've been doing for them.

To fill some of the time I've had free, I've been redesigning parts of Natwest's online banking website. It isn't completely awful at the moment, but it could certainly be better and more modern. It's a site I use almost every day, so I wanted to spruce it up. I plan on showing them the design (somehow?) when I'm done with it.

Here's one of the wireframes I put together for it in my dot grid book (shameless plug). The design will follow in the next couple of days so stay tuned - would love to hear your feedback.

Any tips on taking clients to court wouldn't go amiss either, it's my first time!

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