Flight of the Conchords (New Zealand Tour)

At long last, we're excited to unveil the summer tour poster we created for Flight of the Conchords.  Aside from the Conchords being one of our favorite clients, this project was especially exciting because the tour took place in their homeland of New Zealand.

Another milestone for us was creating a six-color screen print.  We've come close to this with other prints like Pac Hero, but this is the first full-fledged six-screen print we've created.

The concept was inspired by researching some of New Zealand's indigenous wildlife and finding that the yak would make a great tour vehicle for Bret and Jemaine.  Fans of the Conchords will recognize a lot of their favorites instruments and possessions in the yak's cart.

Check out a few close up shots of the finished print on our blog and visit our store to add one to your personal collection.

Making art like its our job.

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