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Kalashnikov Academy is a territory of interests where each child can reveal his own talents. Formation of a new generation of creative engineers.

6 educational areas: industrial design, aero, neuro, information technology, robotics.

1. Educational games and puzzles
Logical games in a child's analytical mind and mental abilities that will be useful to him in his studies and scientific work in the future.

2. Constellations
The unknown space, its vastness and mystery attracts and bewitches how many more new discoveries and accomplishments await us in the future. Exploration and colonization of planets, a journey to new worlds, all in the hands of a new generation, young talents and geniuses.

3. Geometry
Geometry as a systematic science. The construction of both simple and complex figures subordinate to the axioms of belonging. Since ancient Greece, geometry has been based on philosophical concepts, a science in which everything is subject to analysis, rules, and evidence.

https://firon.ru/works/ajdentika-akademii-kalashnikov.html (case in russian)

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