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Hello again on this sunny Thursday! 👋
You’ve already seen the Dashboard of Data Security Protection — today let’s focus on the Power User Dashboard and few models.

What is Data Security Protection? 🤔
🗄️To develop capabilities, capacities and norms, in collaboration with all the stakeholders including the government, required to advance towards a safer, more secure and trusted cyberspace for enhancing trade and commerce by increasing global data flows and promoting innovation; strengthening national security, protecting individuals’ rights in cyberspace and addressing such global issues while safeguarding national and industry interests.

👉🏼Data Security Protection to be the premier industry body for making cyberspace safe, secure and trusted.

How did we help?
We created a new information architecture with UX improvements, mood boards, UI design
for mobile and desktop Admin dashboards, Super User dashboards, User Dashboard and more.

Today, we are showcasing a couple of views from the Power User dashboard. There’s more to come, so make sure you follow Samsu here on dribbble. Let us know what you think & have a good day! 🎉

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