DayZ Phys Stats animated

Dayz phys

More DayZ UI concepts: Physiological Stats.

In general Im aiming for more of a simulator aesthetic than a traditional game UI.

To keep the UI minimal, items have little to no opacity when optimal.

As an alert, the opacity would blink-fade-out when a dramatic change occurs and increase with priority. Likewise the health icon would appear red when affected by another status. [Infection, Fracture, Pain, Shock, Bleeding]

I chose a heart/cardio icon for "shock" because it reflects the circulatory nature of the condition. Rather than the original icon which I found hard to interpret.

I've replaced the term "Blood" with "Health", because it's a more conventional game mechanic and separates it iconically from water. I've also placed it last on the list (rather than third) making it quicker to find at a cursory glance.

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