Mike Casebolt

"Protect our Wildlife" AfterHoursATX 2019 Poster

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Here's my submission to the 2019 AfterhoursATX poster show in Austin. The show selects 40 artists to participate and the theme was.

"This year’s theme is Design for Democracy. Our theme invites designers to create nonpartisan posters that explore the past, present, and future of democratic participation and civic engagement by examining the history of elections, voting rights, civil rights, media representation, and power."

My artist statement:

Going. Going. Almost Gone.
Our land, air, and waterways are under constant threat by human activity, and it's changing the climate. The wildlife around us is in danger and can't speak for themselves, and it's our civic duty to do what's right in protecting these animals for future generations. 
This poster highlights the life and death of animals that are considered endangered to most vulnerable living among us in the North America region. I look to inspire more people to volunteer there time cleaning up areas around there community to electing leaders that put our environment first over corporate interests.

Printed by Mama's Sauce on French Paper "Ledger Green Kraft" and used Clark Orr's killer typeface Lowdrag.

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