Patagonia Preserve

Patagonia is a company I have loved and respected for some time. Many see them as an eco-friendly clothing retailer, which there is no doubt that they are, but they are also activists and leaders in the realm of preservation. While there is a great host of information about their efforts, their beliefs, and their drive to save our planet on their current website, I believe that info is overshadowed by their exceptional product line. I saw this as an opportunity to create a microsite with some of this information and dubbed it "Patagonia Preserve." This microsite as doubles as a gentle redesign while still maintaining the ethos and familiarity of Patagonia's current branding.

This project was originally created in the Spring of 2018 for my interaction design course but this past summer I saw some opportunities for improvements and I'm thrilled with my final design. The prompt was strictly for redesigning for mobile but the next step would be designing it for desktop.

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