Safe Drive Explainer Video

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New explainer video 🔥❗

It is about modulе Omnicomm online ☝🏻 It has its own values, such as:
✅ increased safety for passengers, pedestrians, drivers.
✅ cost reduction — avoiding fines, damage from accidents, cargo safety, saving on insurance, car repair, increasing the life of a car.

This module receives data on speed, driving style, sharp accelerations and braking, data on engine speed 🚨Based on these data, penalties are awarded to drivers and ratings are formed ☝🏻

PM:Helen Nazarok
Script writer:Nataliia Prudka
CG Artist, Animator: Yarik Mishenin
Sketch / Storyboard Artist: Daniila Kolot
SFX:Dmitry Pogrebnyu

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