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After months of work, preparation, and anticipation... Here we are. The final development step.

This project has been the most ambitious one I've ever worked on. It's been a wonderful journey, and the adventure will continue with the implementation of new features in the next coming releases.

This is the first time I experience clearly what it means to be a UI/UX designer and how hard it is when you have to build a whole platform from scratch. Genuinely, from nothing. Just a single idea, and turns it into a complete functional prototype first, and then explore deeper in the user experience.

During these past months of work, Dribbble has been my number 1 source of inspiration when it comes to define a clean and easy to use UI.

I wish to all of you who are starting in design to experience working on a project like this. It made me reach the next level in terms of organisation, prototyping and brainstorming.

See you soon for the release, on

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