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Smith Electric Vehicles is the world’s leading producer of zero emissions & zero noise commercial vehicles—they are truly green, urban delivery trucks.

While the idea of electric delivery trucks may seem new, Smith has been selling and manufacturing electric vehicles for over 80 years in the UK, where their first trucks were "milk floats" deployed by dairies in London. In 2011, with corporate fleets that include Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola and Staples, a rebrand of the company was initiated to unify the brand globally and carry it into the next phase of their business. The resulting brandmark, a winged tiger, communicates the core values of the company: innovation, impact and unity.

The tiger has long been a symbol of power and agility—attributes at the core of Smith's business. It is an extremely energy efficient creature, and can quickly access an extraordinary amount of power, using it in a calculated and efficient manner. The addition of wings to the tiger adds an aspirational—almost mythical—aspect to the mark, underscoring the concept of balance in nature.

The orange color was carried over from the previous brand—maintaining continuity and differentiation for Smith amongst the "green-washed" world of sustainable branding. The typography is bold with strong that are implemented elsewhere as part of a larger graphic system.


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