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Drawtober: 27 of 31 – Stranger Things

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Drawtober-Inktober-Drawlloween-Monster-Sketch-Prompt-Thing - 27 of 31 - Stranger Things πŸ•š

Eleven 😁 which is also my lucky number, so when Stranger Things first came out, not only did I love badass little El, also loved her name (not how she got it because it was a 'real' name - Debbie Downer, but still! πŸ˜…πŸ˜¬).

I have 4 more to go! It might be basically Thanksgiving at this point, but at least it wasn't because I gave up or was lazy, just literally so much happening and didn't want to burn myself out by staying up even later or getting up even earlier. Gotta sleep! 😁

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