Just Add Robots

Couple More Additions: Obviously for any of my 60+ followers, Akira is a 'robot killer'. So, it makes sense to move robots into the scene instead of the beach. Robots, many many many robots. By adding the robots, it changed the scene spatially from outdoor-beach to indoor-warehouse/docks. Warehouses typically have crappy over head lighting, so shadows are more pronounced and contrasty. With the warehouse/docks, comes the rubbed/worn industrial paint on the concrete pillar separating our heroin from metallic menaces. The robots had to have some as semblance of being in an activated mode so, I added the red eyes. As I added some navel piercings to Akira, I decided to add a auspice of connection to robots, so the navel rings actually glow or look like they glow like robot eyes.

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