Next 2 (Mini)

I made this a couple years ago. Next, while stupidly simple in terms of coding and design, was really the first thing I created that was used by lots of people. Years have passed and I've always wanted to give it an update, but never really found the time.

This screenshot is of a "Mini" version. The full one includes the same controls the original theme had in it. I'll put it up once I'm happy with it. :)

I share this not so much because I think it looks cool, or even stands out among the hundreds of other BowTie themes. I share it because just a few years ago I was a kid hacking away in my dorm room, trying to understand this whole HTML, CSS, and JavaScript thing, while also trying to learn how to not suck as a designer. It's crazy to look back and see all that's happened in just a few short years.

Edit: And if you've never listened to the song shown in the theme, you should.

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