Crush Mode Beachcomber

Improvements afoot: Most notable is the arm-claws. We've advanced from the aura-wisps to something to be reckoned with. While human, the Alien-DNA claws dish-out an ass ton of damage and mayhem. I like the purple cast of on the claws, it feels right - for now the purple stays. Hair is a huge refinement in this version. The hair became more hair-like really adding to the human-layer to my illustration. After studying many photoshop hair tutorials online, I tried my hand at the dark art. After many attempts, the hair looked pretty good. The hair is wisping since I wanted to give the impression of some energy through wind and some pent-up energy from the transformation but then again, it might be a warm beach breeze? One of the new add-on challenges, was the change in pixel dimension. I really felt the need to widen the canvas so I could give the claws the arch-around-space needed since the best part of their design, is the side-spikes. *spike sigh* After the arms were complete, I had to fill in the sides with something - so, I was exploring working with vegetation and sky details. Not sure its working but I have another idea after this one. For now, this piece moving along nicely. I have had a bit more time to add some typography and some bonus texture… : )

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