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Tetrisly - Component Library for wireframing and Design System

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Hi all!

I'm very excited because after 7 months we have just launched Tetrisly!

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What is Tetrisly?

Tetrisly is not another useless and not scalable UI Kit, it also cannot be confused with Design System. It’s probably the biggest and the most organized Sketch Components Library for Wireframing or Starter Kit to create Design System. Start wireframing faster and smarter than ever!

What are the benefits of Tetrisly?

UX designers:

● Speed up the wireframing process thanks to the huge library of ready-to-use and flexible components.
● Ensure the visual consistency of wireframes created inside your organization.
● All changes are global, you don’t have to change all elements locally again and again.
● Increase the number of components by collaborating with other UX designers on library development and expansion.

UI designers:

● Don’t waste your time inventing ideal file organization, just start creating the component library.
● Create one source of truth for your product
● Build the right inheritance structure for design tokens and components based on your needs, the number of products or supported platforms (for example, a separate file contains foundations for all products, separate files or one in common with components of each product/platform). Inheriting depends on your needs.
● Do you work with many designers in one product? Don’t wonder where to look for the right component added by your co-worker.

Product teams:

● Reduce the entry threshold for new designers into the project thanks to good organization and file structure.
● A fully scalable file organization methodology gives you unlimited possibilities of product development.
Minimize the number of misunderstandings, mistakes and time-wasting thanks to good organization.

What’s inside?

● 2500+ Components
● 14 Component Categories
● 450+ Layer and Text Styles
● Many Unique Icons in 3 sizes
● Example Wireframes and Process Files
● Add-ons to create documentation
● Free Updates & support
● 40% off to Figma release


Buy it now 50% off! - till 02 Dec

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