Cut Up

Cutup dribbble

This is kind of, erm, different for Dribbble.

Some of you may be familiar with the cut-up technique, as first used by the dadaists, and made very popular by William S. Burroughs. Those who use this technique physically cut up a source text into pieces, and reassemble those pieces to form new words, phrases, and open-ended meaning. More info:

I am working on a piece of net art that is doing much the same, using news stories about Mr. Burroughs as its source. This is the icon, because a screenshot of the actual app isn't as exciting for a Dribbble shot.

You can view the app at

Feedback is appreciated. Note that the lack of a specific context or meaning to the phrases is intentional.

Edit: The elementary mistake that I only noticed after uploading has been fixed.


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