Lazy AF Sour Ale – Beer Label

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1990, The year I almost ruined Thanksgiving. ⠀

We had just moved to Atlanta. My aunt, uncle and cousins had come up from Savannah, GA for the holiday.⠀

The road outside our front door had a steep incline, at least it seemed steep to my 8 year old mind. While our parents cooked up thanksgiving dinner, I cooked up a little invention. Two skateboards and a lawn-chair. ⠀

Nothing held my fresh new ride together, the lawn chair simply rested on top of the two boards. I would be the first and last to go down the hill. ⠀

I held on to each side of the chair for dear life. During my decent the boards began to shift in opposite directions. Half way down they were gone. The chair hit the concrete and tucked me into the fold crushing my thumbs. They didn’t break, but I’m convinced to this day extensive damage was done.⠀

I remember sitting in the bathroom while my mom wrapped up my hands. Our first time hosting Thanksgiving and I had fucked it up. ⠀

My only saving grace was that my Aunt had eaten a bad shrimp which made her violently ill. It took a lot of the attention off of me.⠀

I’ve been sitting on this stupid little illustration for years. I was tempted to get it tattooed on my person. Instead I give you the Lazy As Fuck beer can. Sold absolutely nowhere. ⠀

Thats my story! Happy early Thanksgiving to you all!⠀

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