Batch 1.1


Batch 1.1 update is out now, which includes:

Unified all arrow forms - now all arrows have perfect rounded corners.
2px thick '+' and '-' now have rounded corners.
Compose icon cutouts all 2px.
Remade '@' symbol: poorly snapped points.
Remade add 'User' icons: poorly snapped points.
Remade all round arrow icons.
Remade all 'Tag' icons.
Remade 'Folder - add', 'Folder - remove' icons.
Remade 'Cloud', 'Cloud - upload', 'Cloud - download'.
Remade 'Nib.
Remade 'Add', 'Remove' and 'Delete'.
Remade 'Book', 'Book - lines'.
Remade 'Flask - full', 'Flask - empty'.
Remade 'Pen' & 'Compose-4'.
Tweaked 'Print' & 'Shred' forms.

The update also includes a full PNG kit in 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 sizes and an SVG kit.

Thanks for all the support to date, it's been phenomenal!

Go get it!

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