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Fenasuta: organic beeswax candle

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Fenasuta is an idea for a beeswax candle brand that I had several months ago. I remember how excited I was when I first had this idea, because it would have been a product I really believed in. Fenasuta would combine the roles of being that brand that advocates ecological awareness, healthy lifestyle, and the inner relaxation of people. All of these together would become the brand’s values I’d hold strongly, and a product I would really use.

Unfortunately, I did not keep on working on developing the product.

I stopped working on Fenasuta because another opportunity arose and I felt like I had to catch it (which is the decision I am happy about). Today as a little challenge for my creative skills on branding, I went back to this project again. And, without a doubt, I got as excited designing each brand’s element as when I first came up with the idea!

I think when you really immerse myself into the world-making of a product (a world I believe starts with storytelling, but go much beyond that), you start to get the feeling of the product, and, from that point, idea flows. It is that moment of flow that made me enjoy this design process very much. And I’m so happy to share it with you.

And, hopefully, I will get to create the real products soon!

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