Future Wallpaper Gallery Section (Maybe)


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Of course I am thinking about a full redesign of UltraLinx, but it'll be months (maybe even years) down the line.

With the wallpaper section of UltraLinx being one of the most popular sections of the site, with some wallpapers receiving over 5000 downloads sometimes, it seems fitting to make them easier to find and download.

The idea here is to make the wallpaper section an infinite scroll page. With the wallpapers having little coloured banners. The reason for the coloured banners instead of just plain black and white text is for a psychological reason. We as humans like to associate things with colours, so with a colour for each category you'll be able to find wallpapers for your desktop, iPhone or iPad a lot quicker than you even realise. You won't even read the text, you'll just end up recognising a colour for each category.

Hopefully once I've got a whole bunch of other stuff out the way I'll actually be able to implement this.

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